Ammunition and Magazines MUST be sent through your Firearms Auction Services account.

Ammunition, through our FFL Partner, will accept ammunition that is factory new or in like new condition. We cannot accept any ammunition that is reloaded and/or compromised in any way (damaged, corroded, etc.).

Ammunition may be grouped and shipped in any suitable, safe manner.

All ammunition shipments MUST be labeled with “ORM-D” labels and MUST be packed separately from any firearms in the shipment.

Firearm Magazines & Parts, through our FFL Partner, will accept firearm magazines and firearm

parts. All may be factory new, in like new condition or used magazines and parts in re-sellable condition.

All ammunition, magazines and parts must be manifested on’s Firearms Auction Services (FAS) manifest and shipped to our FFL Partner in the same manner as all firearms are handled.

Lots of ammunition, magazines, and firearms parts will be auctioned as they are manifested. Like groups or same caliber lots will typically bring the best auction value.’s FFL Partner reserves the right to re-group ammunition, magazines, and firearm parts into higher value, sellable lots for auction at their discretion.

Loose accessories not belonging with any firearms like holsters/empty cases/unattached scopes/etc. as well as items such as airsoft guns/BB guns/etc. should be sent through the client’s portables account (refer to “Article: Where Should I Send My Ammunition And Other Firearms Accessories?")